General Patient Info

General Information for All Patients

Your care is a based on a partnership between you and Mr. Moorthy. It is important that you inform him of:

• Your medical conditions such as diabetes, increased blood pressure etc
• Any allergies
• Any previous surgeries or anaesthesia especially if they resulted in any complications
• Any relevant family history.
• Mr. Moorthy encourages his patients to contact him or his secretary either via e-mail or phone (07424 722 532) for any advice. The contact details can also be found in the footer of this website.

General pre-operative advice for all patients

You should try not to smoke for at least 2 weeks before surgery. You should not eat anything for 6 hours prior to surgery. However, you can have clear fluids (water, flavoured drinks etc) for up to 2 hours prior to surgery.

You will see your anaesthetist on the day of surgery unless you need to see one prior to the date of surgery for the management and control of other medical conditions.

If you are diabetic and are on tablets for this, you should take them on the night before but not on the day of surgery. You may be started on an insulin drip just before the surgery. If you are on insulin for the management of diabetes, you will be given advice on what to do on the day before and on the day of surgery.

If you are on any regular medications, you will advised on which medications you should take on the day of surgery and which should be omitted.

Please DO NOT SHAVE the surgical site before surgery. The hairs will be clipped with a special clipper just before surgery starts.

You will be informed where and when to arrive.

General post-operative advice for all patients

• You will be discharged on suitable pain killers
• Please ensure that there is someone to collect you from the hospital
• Please ensure that there is someone to look after you at home for at least one night after surgery.
• Please do not drive for at least a week after surgery. This is to ensure that you can safely do an ‘emergency stop’.
• Prevention of thrombosis after surgery (especially after laparoscopic surgery)

You will be requested to wear special stockings which prevent the risk of developing clots in your legs (thrombosis). You must wear them during the surgery and for at least 2 days after surgery especially at nights.

You will also be administered a small dose of blood thinning medication (heparin) just after your surgery. This is an added precaution to prevent clots.

You must be mobile after your surgery and once you have recovered from the anaesthesia, you wil be requested to go for short walks. This also reduced the risk of clots.

Wound care

In most cases wounds will be closed with absorbable sutures. You should leave a water proof dressing on for 2 days. After that you will be able to take off the dressing.

You can have a bath or a shower with a waterproof dressing from the day after surgery.

If the wound is excessive painful, swollen, red and there is a fluid discharge you should contact your GP or your surgeon (contact info) or the hospital.


They should be taken as prescribed. Please inform your surgeon of any allergies. Painkillers should be taken after meals as far as possible.


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