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At Laparosurgery, we treat a number of common problems such as gallstones or chronic gastroesophageal reflux disease (GORD). Our expertise lies entirely within the laparoscopic surgical approach and using this minimally invasive technique we are able to achieve higher success rates and faster recovery periods compared with open surgery.

Heartburn as a Symptom?

In today’s world, indigestion, heartburn and difficulty in swallowing affect a number of people. The common reasons for these symptoms are acid reflux, gallstones and ulcers.

More patients suffer heartburn nowadays as compared to 3 decades ago. There could be many reasons for this but it is likely that changes in lifestyle and eating habits leading to obesity, may play a big role.

The symptoms of indigestion and heartburn can be controlled with simple measures such as a change in diet and eating patterns and with the use of medications. In fact, there are so many patients who experience these symptoms that one of the medications, proton pump inhibitors (eg, omeprazole) are the largest drug expenditure in the NHS.

The diagnosis of gallstones is extremely easy and is made with an ultrasound scan of the abdomen. Surgery is the only means to treat symptoms from gallstones. Other treatments such as shock- wave can break up the stones and they may rarely disappear but will recur as the problem is with the gallbladder. Medications can prevent the occurrence of gallstones but are ineffective in treating them

The diagnosis of heartburn includes an endoscopy and a barium x-ray. In those patients who need surgery investigations to assess the severity of acid reflux maybe required. Surgery is performed on patients in whom medications are not effective or on those who don’t wish to remain on medications for the rest of their lives

Ulcers are diagnosed by endoscopy. They can be easily treated with medications. Surgery is rarely needed.

Often symptoms of indigestion could be due to bacteria called H Pylori. This can be diagnosed by a breath or stool test and treated with antibiotics.

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